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Writing Your Own Wedding Vows Guides

Writing Your Own Wedding Vows Guides

Because writing your own vows is both harder and easier than you think!


  • a “GUIDE TO WRITING Your Own Wedding Vows”
  • a curated selection of SAMPLE “MODERN & PERSONAL VOWS”


Guide to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows

Deciding to write your own vows is awesome! I'll help you do it!


  • Use the Guide to prepare yourself to write, and then provide suggestions about editing
  • The Guide is a template for your vows, with guidelines on what to include and suggested length

Curated Selection of Sample "Modern & Personal Vows"

Learn what others have written and get inspiration for writing your own.

  • Examples of Vows written by other couples can "jump start" your writing
  • If you're having trouble writing your vows, you can use some of these vows and adapt them to your relationship.