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Learn how to perform
a wedding flawlessly
in under an hour.

We help first-time officiants and engaged couples plan, coordinate and perform wedding ceremonies that will set the stage for an incredible wedding day!


Have you been asked to marry your friends?


  • They think very highly of you

  • Want you to play a role in the most important day of their lives

  • Trust that you are the best person to tell their love story

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I'll show you how to avoid these common mistakes:

Getting laughs can be a good thing, and I'll make sure they're all laughing with you!

Waiting until the last minute to write the ceremony

You don't want it to be obvious to your couple and the guests that your script is half baked

Not realizing how many roles you play as the master of ceremonies

The officiant is responsible for making sure everything goes off as planned and that everyone is where they need to be

Thinking you can “wing it”

Officiating a wedding isn’t rocket science… but it’s also not a walk in the park (unless the wedding is in a park). Best to come prepared!


I'm Claudia Meyer,
the Ceremony Coach, and I've been marrying couples for 9 years.

When a friend officiates a wedding, it usually goes one of two ways. It’s an awesomely personal celebration, or it’s an awkward public train wreck. And intentions alone don’t put you in the first camp.

You need to KNOW what you’re doing, and you need to PREPARE for the gig. Let me share my expertise of marrying over 300 couples and help you ROCK your friend’s wedding with the Ultimate Officiant Coaching & Ceremony Planning Package!

They'll be talking about you for a long time. For all the right reasons.


The Ultimate

Officiant Coaching & Ceremony Planning Package

$ 249.00 USD 

Our MOST POPULAR coaching package includes:​​

  • A 60 minute one-on-one coaching call to ask questions and get suggestions & pro tips

  • Ceremony Planning Guide that lays out the order, traditional elements, and creative options for the wedding

  • Ceremony Diagrams to plan where Wedding Party & Family stands and sits

  • The “Insider’s Guide to Performing Your First Wedding” eBook download

  • The “Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Performing your First Wedding” eBook download


Ceremony Coaching

Don't want to go all-in? Here's a few other options!

Learn the ins and outs of performing and planning a wedding ceremony with one-on-one help from a professional officiant

Image by Bogomil Mihaylov

Performing the Ceremony

$ 59.00 USD 

  • "Insider's Guide to Performing Your First Wedding" eBook download

  • "Ultimate Cheat Sheet to Performing Your First Wedding" eBook download

Image by Kelly Sikkema

Planning the Ceremony

$ 59.00 USD 

  • A "Ceremony Planning Guide" with the order, traditional elements, and creative options

  • A "Ceremony Diagram" to plan where wedding party & family stands and sits

Image by Ben Collins

Coaching Call

$ 99.00 USD 

  • Discuss anything  related to performing wedding ceremony


  • I'll answer all your questions and provide professional insight and tips!

Writing Assistance

Feeling stuck with your vows? Want me to take a look at your ceremony script?

You're in the right spot!

Image by Nick Morrison

Writing Your Own Vows Guide

$ 59.00 USD 

  • My "Guide to Writing Your Own Wedding Vows" eBook download

  • A curated selection of sample modern & personal vows

Image by John Schnobrich

Review Your Vows 

$ 59.00 USD 

  • Review couples' personal vows for similar length & tone

  • Provide individual feedback on vows (allowing couple to keep vows secret from each other)

Image by Scott Graham

Review Your Ceremony Script

$ 159.00 USD 

  • Review your personal Wedding Ceremony Script

  • Provide feedback on meeting required elements, flow of script

  • Make suggestions of edits to improve ceremony script

Image by Chris Montgomery

Want to hop on a 45 minute video call and I can lend you my ear and professional opinion about anything and everything wedding ceremonies?

Proof you can do it too

Image by Brooke Cagle
“Better than Google! Claudia coached and advised me on how to perform a ceremony. I had no idea where to begin... Claudia is a wonderful teacher and coach and will encourage you to make the Ceremony ‘your own’ and remind you that have been given the honor to officiate a ceremony marrying two people…   it is truly incredible!.”

Vincent C, First Time Officiant





"Despite having all our meetings online, she immediately put us at ease. In just a few short minutes of chatting on the phone, we felt that she had read 'us' so well, and had wonderful suggestions for our ceremony that felt really tailored to who we are as a couple. It's like working with the Michael Jordan of coaches!"

Brandon & Kendra, Married Couple

Image by Carly Rae Hobbins
Image by Foto Pettine


Save countless hours you would have spent researching and stressing over each and every detail.


Memories will last forever. How will your couple remember your role in their wedding?


Handle any surprises smoothly and without freaking out. Remember... luck favors the prepared!


Shine with the ultimate confidence that comes with knowing what you’re doing.

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